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Focus Deterrence Car (FDC):

We currently run the Focus Deterrence Car (FDC) in partnership with St Giles Trust.  This is run between 2 to 3 times per week across the District midweek between 1600x2200hrs.  The aim is around teachable moments following a significant violent incident to engage with young people and offer them support.  They also proactively patrol our hotspot areas where we have intelligence and information of youth ASB and youth crime.  The aim is to engage with young people, divert them from crime and offer them support if they are at risk of CSE / CCE.


POL-ED (attached document):

Pol-Ed is a free resource for all Early Years, Primary, secondary, SEN and Post 16 Education providers within West Yorkshire.

Pol-Ed includes schemes of work, lessons and supporting materials specifically linked to the objectives within the PSHE curriculum and has been commissioned by West Yorkshire Police for use by teachers in schools.  It is created by teachers, for teachers.

Pol-Ed will support teachers in delivering information on the law, crime prevention and safeguarding whilst also building an understanding of resilience, peer to peer support and how to get help if needed.

It is our aim to keep communities safe and feeling safe in West Yorkshire.

We are keen for schools in Wakefield District to sign up to Pol-Ed.  If schools would like further information, you can click on the below link and find out more!

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with the Pol-Ed Team:



Talk to the Bear:

The roll out of our ‘Talk to the Bear – Bobby Bear’ project is currently underway.  This is to support the delivery of Op Encompass.  Over the next couple of months PCSO Allison Bailey from the South East Cluster will be delivering our Police Bears to those primary schools which we have identified that haven’t received theirs.  A link to the YouTube story will be sent to the schools which tells the story “How Do You Feel Today Baby Bear” by Jane Evans.