Online Courses

Aspirations Online Training for Parents

The Aspirations online course is for any parent or carer who wants to learn more to better support their child. Aspirations Online features 6 short videos on 6 different topics that affect children and young people’s lives.

The videos provide information on each topic, along with useful strategies and activities that you can try out at home with your child. The course can be done in one-go or a video at a time – whatever works best for you and your family life!



Mental Health

Physical Health

Positive Futures


Triple P – Positive Parenting Programme

An online course that you can work through at home in your own time.  The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program® gives you tips and ideas to help you bring out the best in your children, to help them be resilient, confident, and have the self-discipline to succeed. Learn how to positively manage the behaviour you don’t like and encourage more of the behaviour that will help them get along with others.

Find out how to access your code to get started at home: Free in Wakefield | Triple P – Positive Parenting Program | Online Parenting Programme

Reducing Parental Conflict

Solihull Approach: Nurturing emotional health and wellbeing from bump to 19+ years

Wakefield Families Together has partnered with the Solihull Approach to offer free access to expertly designed online courses for parents, carers, grandparents and teens living in the region.

Visit the website linked below to access courses to understand your child’s feelings, as well as your own, as you go through life as a family. Learn to understand the changes in your child’s development and how to support them, whilst also strengthening your relationship.

Wakefield | Solihull Approach

Separating better: digital support for separating parents

Are you a parent going through separation? Separating better is a brand-new mobile app. It can help you through the separation process with the wellbeing of your child in mind.

  • help you manage your emotions and plan throughout your separation journey
  • help you communicate and co-parent in a positive way
  • learn how to sort out disagreements
  • learn how to manage the financial and practical aspects of separation
  • Set personal goals to achieve during your separation

Find out more and download the app below:

Separating better (

Who’s in Charge?

The main aim of ‘Who’s in Charge?’ is to empower parents. Helps to reduce stress and guilt and offers ways to reduce abusive and violent behaviour.

  • Reduce feelings of isolation.
  • Create a belief in the possibility of change.
  • Clarify boundaries of what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.
  • Consequences for unacceptable behaviour.
  • Offers emotional support.


Access here

NSPCC E-learning

Designed to support you in learning about all aspects of child protection and safeguarding.

  • 20+ online courses
  • Small cost
  • Flexible training from experts in safeguarding and child protection

Access here

That makes sense

A series of videos to help you understand and support your child’s sensory processing needs.

Click the link to access: Support your child’s sensory processing needs | Mid Yorks