In Wakefield we have the same aspirations and expectations for every baby, child and young person.

We want Wakefield to be a place where young children:-

  • Are happy, healthy and safe
  • Are ready to learn
  • Are thriving in their communities
  • Receive mental enrichment from everyone around them
  • Are physically active throughout early childhood for at least 3 hours each day
  • Are eager to play to experience the awe and wonder of the world around them
  • Experience nurturing relationships and environments and develop positive bonds with their care giver
  • Are supported to discover the pleasure of reading by sharing stories with the significant adults in their lives
  • Have rich and diverse opportunities and life chances
  • Develop resilience and a positive self-image
  • Are able to communicate their views and know they be listened to
  • Are free from poverty and never go hungry
  • Achieve the best possible healthy start in life, prompting a desire to learn and be ready for school


Talk PANTS is a simple conversation to help keep your child safe from sexual abuse

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